about me

Mainly I take landscape-, nature- and travel photographs. Some times I have experiments on other photografic fields. Since few years I have been using exclusively a digital camera. My equipment of last time: Canon EOS 70D or Nikon Z6 with different lenses.

I’am a member of the Erfurter Fotoclub “Reflexion 90”. Moreover I take part at online-photo-community: fotocommunity.de. Portfolio of some fotocommunity images are here: portfolio.fotocommunity.de/lehmannphotos

Some photo sites, which are interesting for me

Alice Wonderland :: Elaine :: Foto-Werkstatt Basel :: Lichtbildnerin :: pearweed images :: pixeldreamer  :: photoschau :: John Maslowski :: Steven Helmis :: Omar Sayami :: Uwe Steinbrück

Another favourite sites

  • fotocommunity.de :: a german discussion forum about photographies, I’m a member here.
  • reflexion 90 :: a photo club of my home town, I’m a member here.
  • gff-thueringen :: Gesellschaft für Fotografie e.V. Landesverband Thüringen
  • Fototipps :: schöner Fotografieren mit Andreas Hurni